SkyHound is a trustworthy provider of aerial imagery, data analytics, property data, and GIS solutions for local and federal government agencies, including assessment, public safety, and GIS, as well as the construction, insurance, solar, and energy infrastructure industries.

SkyHound provides access to its orthogonal and oblique aerial imagery, 3D models, interior mapping solution, and measurement and analytical tools through proprietary software as well as partner integrations. With a fleet of more than 15 aircraft at its disposal and a 3.75 petabyte data library with more than 350 million images, SkyHound offers more coverage and third-party integrations than any other aerial imagery provider.

SkyHound foresees a world of futuristic technology, innovative design and safe integration of Unmanned Technology into everyday living.


SkyHound U.A.S. provides Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Services across a vast variety of industries, ranging from Real Estate imagery to Search and Rescue Operations. Some of our more beneficial services includes Fire Monitoring, Thermal Imaging and our 3-D modeling capabilities.

We currently possess a teamof experts from Unmanned Aircraft Systems,Photographers, Human Factors &Ergonomics Personnel, Engineering and even Manned-Aviation Pilots.

We envision our company attacking the problems in the fields of Agriculture, Animal& Wildlife Conservation, Construction Sites, Wind Turbine Inspection, Bridge Inspection, Search and Rescue and various other industries.

While most UAV companies are run by RC hobbyists, we are professionals in aviation expanding with this new and exciting technology to better serve you, our customers.

With our diverse fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles, we are able to offer a wide range of customizable services.

We are looking to expand our photography department with more opportunities for our photographers. We are equipped with two Canon Bodies, a 60D Full Frame 18 Megapixel and T3i crop sensor 18 Megapixel. Also a 18-55mm, 55-250mm, a 28-200mm and 24mm tilt shift to satisfy all your photographic needs.

Jazmyne Lones

Jazmyne Lones