Delivery by drone is approaching!

The US administration has just taken a very big decision to experiment delivery by drone, giving Google permission to test this new means of transport.
One might naturally think after this new incursion of a giant in the sector drones that democratization of delivery by drone is fast approaching, yet it is not so simple and many technical and regulatory obstacles still to overcome.

Google obedient authorisation d’expérimenter la livraison par drone de la FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Google will work together on the delivery by drone, but many questions remain unanswered. Google probably wants to limit the advance has taken Amazon launching also experiments for delivery by drone but in England in the second case.

However, many market players, drone delivery will not be effective for a number of years, because the legislation is not at all suitable for such activities. As emphasized Guillaume Thibault, partner at Oliver Wyman: “Their projects raise questions of sharing of airspace. Once resolved, the legislation will adapt, “adding,” In France, it is based only on orders and European legislation is not yet established. The law can change very quickly. “.

Delivery by drone is still some way off

However, apart from the regulatory aspect, the technical part is also largely failing to see hope of autonomous drones deliver packages in our cities. Olivier Deneuvis, operator and manager of civilian drones blog explained: “Operators are now able to produce autonomous drones, capable of avoiding obstacles. Bypassing a tree, it’s easy, By cons, it is more problematic for an electrical cable, hard to spot, “adding:” Not to mention the need for interaction between the drones themselves, if they are allowed to large scale “.

The technical and legislative issues, also add the new dangers that can bring the drones, that will be a very large obstacle to the development of this activity in a particular international context. Indeed, the explosion of piracy and scams should urge the authorities to be very suspicious vis-à-vis drones, especially as the first drone hacker has emerged. In addition, many terrorist threats around the world will encourage the authorities to exercise vis-à-vis the authorities caution that they will deliver in the future.

Although web giants seem to make a big splash when they talk authorizations issued by governments to test their technologies, this is the moment of marketing strategy, not an opening. It will take several years before you can actually imagine a world where drones we deliver parcels.

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