Drone Mind Control

Piloting a drone by thinking it may already appear as science fiction, but piloting a fleet of drones that falls within the realm of the unthinkable. Yet, a researcher has just demonstrated that he could drive up to four drones simultaneously, only in thought!

A researcher can control four drones by thinking

Panagiotis Artemiadis, a researcher at the Arizona State University, has developed a rather spectacular “man-machine” interface, allowing it to control several drones in thought. It is a device of 128 electrodes placed on the head to capture the activity of the brain and thus control the devices through a series of algorithms of interpretation of the cerebral signals.

For now, the researcher is able to control “only” four drones at a time, which is already astounding as can be seen in the video. However, it indicates that one day it will be possible to control tens or even hundreds of devices at a time. A promise that will interest many professionals, especially in the areas of maintenance, rescue, surveillance and of course military.

This impressive, revolutionary technology could be available within five to ten years, according to Professor Panagiotis Artemiadis.

VIDEO: controlling a fleet of drones by thought is possible!

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Source: Drone Tech