Drones without a battery is the future!

Researchers are developing a drone capable of flying without battery 0
A drone is capable of flying without battery
And if the UAV flight time was no longer a limit? Incredible as it may seem a team of researchers managed to fly a drone without battery!

IF you pose a question to all drone owners, asking them to name just one problem to improve first, the vast majority of them will say: autonomy. It is true that a large number of drones has great difficulty to pass the 20 minutes mark, which is quite frustrating for fans and a real technical constraints for some professionals.

A drone capable of flying without battery

Researchers have managed to solve the problem in an unusual way, by removing the battery … You have to tell you how can a drone flying without battery? The answer to this question is simple, thanks to the transfer of energy by electromagnetic induction. The specialists from the Wireless Power Lab have managed to design a system capable of transferring energy to the distance, wireless and battery.

Of course, this technology is still very limited and experimental because the drone can fly only on space above a device by electromagnetic induction, but we can see from the video that it works and there is no more and researchers to improve the system to make it more convenient, because at the moment the drone manages to steal at ten centimeters from the transmitter. This is the same technology used to recharge watches, smartphones or even cars.

Optimized, this system could be a revolution for certain professional uses and could bring many opportunities in the field of monitoring, maintenance, in cinema, etc. We should soon hear again of this technology. If you are curious and want to know more, please visit this link (the document is in English, however, and quite technical).

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