3-D modeling is a preferred method to the construction and the real estate industries. The capability of modeling a construction project’s progress is ground breaking. The frequent updates are not only beneficial to realtors, but also to the stakeholders.

Stakeholders are able to get even closer to their investment properties with the capability of monitoring their investment remotely and efficiently. This capability also enables a project manager or property manager to properly manage their sites from the comfort of their office or home.

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To ensure the supply of electricity, gas, and oil, regular inspections of the installations are imperative. Because of their size and structure, they are often inspected from the air. Instead of contracting an external firm, the inspections can be carried out with a Microdrones UAV aerial vehicle.

Our Aerial Drone Inspection Service can inspect the relevant installation autonomously, without the need for navigation instructions from a pilot. The result is a rapid yet thorough inspection.

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Our aerial surveying is a method of collecting information by using aerial photography or remote sensing technology using other bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, such as infrared, gamma, or ultraviolet. Other important concepts used in aerial photography are stereoscopic coverage, fiducial marks, focal length, roll and frame numbers, flight lines and index maps.

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Cost-effective cameras, improvements in memory, and enhanced computation power have all enabled the design and real-time application of fire detecting algorithms using light and small-sized embedded surveillance systems. This is vital in situations where the performance of traditional forest fire monitoring and detection techniques are unsatisfactory.

SkyHound utilizes a forest fire monitoring and detection method with visual sensors onboard unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Both color and motion features of the fire are adopted for the strategic approach to forest fire detection and monitoring. This is for the purpose of improving fire detection performance while reducing false alarm rates.

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SkyHound offers aerial photography and videography that will add a competitive edge to luxury listings. Slow motion effects, various graphics and the capability of offering smooth virtual reality videos to clients will definitely have them feeling right at home prior to a showing.

This will leave clients confident in what they want and helps the agent in not wasting time on unsuccessful showings.  We offer finished product in various formats, such as, 1080p HD photos/videos, 4k photos/videos as well as 2D and 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD).

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Farmers no longer have to work as rigorously, especially in the monitoring phase, to ensure their crops are as healthy as can be. SkyHound not only provide aerial videography and photography, but infrared imagery as well. This method aids farmers in differentiating water level disparities underneath the soil; thus enabling safer and efficient management of the crops life cycle.

With use of an infrared camera, SkyHound can detect heat signature, as well as the longevity of the vegetation’s life. This technology will assist rangers in searching for wild animals, monitoring the longevity of the surrounding trees lifespan, and will assist in finding any persons that may be missing and ensure a safe return home for that lost pet, wild animal, or even a loved one.

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We offer both aerial photography/videography and ground photography/videography. We look to add a competitive edge to realtor’s luxury listings , capture the special moments at any event, or simply assist with that company video. Whatever your photography needs are, SkyHound is here to assist. 

We offer your deliverables in various formats, such as, 1080p high definiton photos/videos, 4-K ultra high definition photos/videos as well as 2-Dimensiol and 3-Dimensional Computer-Aided Design (CAD). Discover your world through SkyHound.

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By utilizing professional SkyHound’s Aerial Inspection Services, an asset manager can reduce the time that inspection personnel needs to spend on the asset itself.  With a well planned mission operation, a drone can collect imagery data that covers the entire asset in a fraction of the time that it takes for inspection personnel to traverse it.

It is usual that both visual and thermal imagery is collected.  After applying automated statistical processes to convert the imagery into a 3-D ‘point cloud’, it is then straightforward for any professional to identify locations and areas of deterioration. Since the data is being viewed in 3D, all areas of your asset can be visually interpreted and inspected.

As the data in the point cloud is geo-referenced with real-world geographic coordinates, a plan or a map can be provided to an inspection and maintenance team to identify areas of deterioration – before anyone needs to climb any ladders, scaffolding, undertake rope access procedures, or walk on the roof.

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Locating energy leaks or other potential problems a building envelope is often difficult and sometimes dangerous.  

UAVs equipped with high-resolution infrared and video cameras combined with 3-D modeling software, live data streaming, and custom apps allows for more efficient  and safe building and rooftop inspection. The naked-eye is not equipped to locate gas and energy leaks or other potential problems.

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SkyHound simultaneously collects and delivers both digital and thermal imagery. Permitting the inspection engineer to perform dangerous inspection activities while remaining on the ground.

Identifying issues such as water accumulation, solar loading and areas that are potentially susceptible to rust and corrosion.

Visual inspection of tanks is typically required on a monthly, annual or 5 year cycles.  We are usually able to collect drone inspections data from across an entire tank farm in less than 1 day.


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SkyHound provides drone Inspection services that benefit oil and gas engineers to isolate indicators of rust and corrosion around the circumference of a pipeline.

Deploying thermal imaging systems and delivering data analytics to inspection engineers that can be used to infer the distribution of natural gas through a piping system.

Providing your inspector with spatial analytics and measurements that enable your staff to understand the risk from the natural environment along your network, such as river encroachment on pipelines.

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We are committed to utilizing our Unmanned Aerial Systems (U.A.S.) technology to make the work place safer, all while saving our clients’ money.

SkyHound provides building inspection solutions; you can inspect your buildings’ roof and walls on your desktops.

The benefits of this tool are endless, some include;

– Eliminating Costly Swing Stage and Bosun Chair

– Keeping the Building Inspector’s Feet Firmly on the Ground

– Delivering Inspection Data Directly to the Architects and Engineers’ Desktop

– Reducing Costs and Inspection Time by up to 95%

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We enable oil and gas companies to:

Mitigate Risk by Keeping Employees on the Ground

– Inspect the Asset Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime using Software

– Minimize the Requirement for Rope Access and Scaffolding

– Maintain Productivity during the inspections; No Plant Shutdown Required

– Reduce Costs and Inspection Time by up to 90%

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