Top 5 Drones For Aerial Photography

Top 5 Drones For Aerial Photography

In this article we are going to outline the top 5 drones that we believe are the perfect choice for enthusiasts looking to capture stunning aerial photography. This list is up to date for 2016 and features all of the top models from what are currently the largest drone manufacturers. Being that many different categories of drones exist, we will only be covering consumer grade camera drones. This means the typical drone flown by your average RC hobbyist or general enthusiast. This list will not include any of the large professional aircraft such as the DJI M600 or Freefly ALTA 8, as many drones in this class are custom built with varying components and can end up costing between 25,000 – 40,000 USD. Chances are if you’re reading this review you aren’t looking for those higher end professional aircraft anyhow, so we’ll still to consumer grade. However, with that said, some of the consumer level aircraft on this list are also viable for semi-professional applications, so they really will grow with your capability as a drone pilot. So, without further delay, let’s get started with number five!

#5 GoPro Karma

The GoPro Karma is a brand new addition to the GoPro lineup, and GoPro’s first drone. The Karma features a foldable compact design making it easy to pack and travel with. GoPro enthusiasts will be excited to learn that the new Karma utilizes the brand new GoPro Hero 5 camera, mounted to a 3 axis gimbal. This camera can also be detached and mounted onto a handheld gimbal included with the Karma aircraft. That means your fully capable of capturing footage from the ground to the sky, and everywhere else in between. Not to mention, at any time you can detach the Hero 5 and pair it with any of GoPro’s countless accessories for use underwater, as a helmet cam, on a bicycle, etc, so the Karma really is part of a diverse overall package that provides endless capability. Not to mention, the actual photography and video capabilities of the Karma and GoPro Hero 5 are incredible. With this tiny little camera, you’re able to capture beautiful 12mp stills and stunning 4k video, a great starting point for anyone looking to get into aerial photography.


DJI has long been a powerful player in the world of drones, and when GoPro announced their new Karma, DJI was quick to respond with their new Mavic. The Mavic is a foldable drone that exceeds all possible expectations. With all the incredible smart features typically associated with drones like the Phantom 4 and inspire Pro, this drone is a high-tech marvel. In addition, the Mavric features a full 4k camera also capable of capturing 12mp stills. It’s super easy to fly, and is ready out of the box in just seconds, not to mention it boasts the longest flight time in it’s class, nearly 27 minutes! That means extra time for you to capture stunning aerial imagery. A great option for the drone adventurer looking to travel the world or maybe just the backyard, and capture incredible footage along the way.

#3 Yuneec Typhoon H

The Typhoon H is a brand new drone offered by Yuneec. This drone offers some very impressive features, while maintaining a very affordable price. The Typhoon H is special, as it’s the only drone on this list that features six rotors instead of four. Six rotor configurations are usually reserved for larger drones, and are rarely if ever offered in this class until now. The six rotors provide tremendous stability, and add an extra layer of redundancy in the case of a motor failure. Because of this stability, the Typhoon H allows you to capture nearly professional grade aerial imagery and performs great even in high winds. The Typhoon comes equipped with a 4k camera also capable of 12.4mp still images, and boasts the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees, something only 1 other drone on this list is capable of.

#2 DJI Phantom 4

The DJI Phantom line of drones, is by far the most popular and well known drone in the world. Recently DJI released the newest addition to the phantom family, the phantom 4. This drone features smart features such as sense & avoid, tap to fly, and advanced follow functions. In addition to this, a battery upgrade means that phantom 4 now gets nearly 30 minutes of flight time. Truly a fan favorite! The Phantom 4 also has the added benefit of being professionally capable. This means that not only is it an easy drone to start flying, but it will grow with your skills and capabilities. With 4k video quality, and 12mp stills, you’ll love the high quality images captured by this incredible aircraft. The Phantom 4 is a true go to application for anyone serious about aerial photography.

# 1 DJI Inspire Pro

The DJI Inspire Pro is definitely the single most impressive piece of drone technology of 2016. The Inspire pro features extremely innovative features such automatic retracting landing gear, which also acts to lower the center of gravity while also providing the camera an unobstructed view. Also featured is the world’s first micro four-thirds camera designed specifically for aerial use, and a gimbal mount that is completely modular, allowing you to swap out a variety of payloads for future expansion. It also boasts the regular DJI tech such as advanced GPS, ground sensors, 4k video, return to home function, and mission planning integration. Not only that, but the inspire is compatible with a variety of third party applications, creating endless possibilities for this super easy to fly, high performance, workhorse of a drone! Did we mention this all comes ready to fly out of the box? Very impressive! That’s why the Inspire 1 pro takes the top spot for 2016, and if you have the budget, this is the best drone in it’s class, and we highly recommend you pick one up for yourself.


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