Uber will change the future of taxis using drones

So far Uber was known for its service vehicles with driver (VTC), the company also aims autonomous and more revolutionary vehicles, it also plans to transport passengers via taxi drones.

Since Chinese society Ehang pushed the limits of the imagination by unveiling a drone capable of carrying a person, at the Consumer Electronics Show this past January with his remarkable drone Ehang 184, a new market seems to have emerged and many giants step into the breach.

Uber is working on a taxi drone and believes that will be available in less than 10 years

Uber specialist VTC said he was already in train floor on a draft drone taxi autonomous, able to carry passengers on short trips. It is not unreasonable to think, once the legislation has been dusted and relaxed, it will be possible to use an application to find a UAV take-off zone, to move by this means of transport, as can be done today with a car.

Jeff Holden, an executive of Uber told during an interview with the Recode site, as devices on which the company works could take off from the roofs of buildings, for example, where the need for floor on a take-off system and vertical landing. He also said that such a service would be possible within 10 years …

Note qu’Uber will not be alone in this niche since Google is already working on a similar project and has already sunk $ 100 million. War flying cars or taxi drone is about to rage. This technology could revolutionize the transport sector or delivery in the future, provided that the regulations clearly changing, but before the hundred market potential of billions of dollars, few countries will resist the temptation to relax the rules of the game .

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Source: Drone Tech